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Legal Warning


In fulfillment of the duty of information collected in article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of July 11th, of society services of the information and electronic commerce, we indicate that the web site www.ananata.es (ahead the “Web”) is operated by ANANTA SOLUCIONES INDUSTRIALES.SA in ahead “OWNER OF THE WEB”.

Domain name: www.ananta.es

Commercial name: ANANTA


NIF: A83846907


Phone: 918183474

e-mail: recepcion@ananta.es

written in the commercial registry of Madrid on the following data: Tomo 19.639, Book 0, section 8, page M-345321, Inscription 1a


This legal warning regulates the access and use of the Web that the OWNER OF THE WEB provides to the Internet users. Its understood as USER the person that access, surfs, utilizes or participate in the services and activities of the web.

The access and surfing of a user in the Web implies acceptance without restrictions of this legal warning.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB can offer through the web site services that might be under some particular conditions which will be informed to the user in each case.


The user assumes the responsibility of the web usage, committing to use the contents and services according to the law, this legal warning, the good morals and public order. Such responsibility is extended to any necessary registry to access to determined services and content.

The user guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all data communicated in the completion of the registry forms as well as any other posterior time, being of his/her responsibility update the information provided, in a way that the real situation is reflected. The user will be responsible of the inaccuracy or the missing veracity of the information provided.

In such registry the USER will be responsible of providing reliable and licit information. As a consequence of this registry, the USER can be given a password of which he/she will be responsible, committing to use it diligently and confidentially. The USER commits to make adequate use of the content and services (such as chat services, discussion forums, or news groups) that the OWNER OF THE WEB offers through this Web and with enunciative character, but not limitative, to no employ them for:

  • Incur in illicit activities, illegal or opposed to good morals and public order.
  • Disseminate content, criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, justifying terrorism, in general, against the law or public order.
  • Provoke damage in physic and logic systems of the OWNER OF THE WEB, of their providers or third people, introduce or disseminate in the media informatic virus, macros, applets, controls ActiveX, or any other physic or logic systems that are susceptible to cause the previously mentioned damages.
  • Block access to the service to other users by the massive use of the informatic means by which the OWNER OF THE WEB gives the service.
  • Try to access and, in that case, use electronic email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages. The OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right of remove all comments and additions that violate the respect to the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that act against the youth or children, order and public security or, are not adequate for their publication. In either case, the OWNER OF THE WEB will not be responsible of the opinions expressed by users through forums, chats, or any other participation tool.


The OWNER OF THE WEB is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of his/her web site, or of their collaborators, as well as of the elements contained in it, the enunciative title, but not limitative: structure, design, source codes, texts, photographs, graphics, images, sound, audio, video, icons, technology, software, graphic design, such as logos, and distinctive signs.

ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. Under the stablish in articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Law of Intellectual Property, its expressively prohibited the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including mode provision, in the totality or in part of the contents of this web page, with commercial means, on any support and any technical means, without the authorization of the OWNER OF THE WEB except authorization is expressed and no right is attributed to the user.

The users, in general, people that propose to stablish a hyperlink must have previous authorization by the OWNER OF THE WEB.

The user commits to respect the rights of the Intellectual and Industrial Property of the Web. Will be able to visualize elements of the portal and even print them, copy and save them in the hard drive of your computer or any other physic support as long as its exclusively for their own and private use. The user must refrain from suppressing, alter, elude or manipulate any protection device or security system that is installed in the Web.


The OWNER OF THE WEB makes the maximum effort to avoid any error in the Web contents, however does not guarantee its inexistence in it, its content, nor that it is updated.

Both access to the Web, as well as the use of the information contained is the exclusive responsibility of the one that performs it.

The OWNER OF THE WEB is not responsible, in any case, of the damages of any kind that might cause to the informatic system of the user (hardware and software), missing availability in the portal or virus transmission or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, nor the information and content saved on forums, chats, blogs, comments, social media or any other mean that allows thirds to publish content in independent way in the Web.

However, and in compliance to the stablished in the LSSI, the OWNER OF THE WEB is on the disposition to all the users, authorities and security forces, to collaborate in an active fashion to block all that content that can affect or be against the national legislation, or international, rights of thirds or the moral and public order. In case that the user considers that there is in the Web content that might be susceptible of this classification, we ask to contact us.


We do not gather nor request personal information intentionally from minors of 18 years of age. To make use of the services the minors of age must obtain permit of their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible of all acts performed by the dependent minors.

All responsibility in the determination of contents and services to which minors access corresponds to their legal representatives. Since Internet makes possible the access to content that might not be appropriate to minors, we inform the users that there are mechanisms, in particular informatic programs of filter and blocking, that permit to limit the content available, and even though they are not infallible, they are of great use to control and restrict the material to which minors can access.


To access some of our services it might be necessary that the user provides information. The OWNER OF THE WEB will treat these data complying with the General Regulation of Data Protection approved by the European Union, and according to the terms published in the Privacy Policy, in accordance with the particular stablished conditions to the different services that are offered.


In the case that there were links or hyperlinks in the Web towards other Internet places, such is the case of social media, the OWNER OF THE WEB will not exercise any type of control for this places nor content, will not take any responsibility of links pertaining to other web sites,  nor will guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any content or information contained in any of such hyperlinks or other web sites. Similarly, the inclusion of these external connections won’t imply any type of association, fusion or participation with the entities connected.


In the case that the OWNER OF THE WEB finds out that the services provided by the web are being use for activities that eventually can be harmful to rights of others or constituent of illicit acts, all actions needed will take place to prevent the continuation of these activities and reserves the right to begin the legal actions needed.

If any user has knowledge that of any type of information published in the Web or facilitated through the Web is illicit, harmful to others’ rights, contrary to the stablished in the legal warning, in any way, harmful or against the moral, customs and habits, you can contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.


The administrative information facilitated though the Web does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, normative, general dispositions and acts that must be published formally to official newspaper of the public administrations, that constitute the unique instrument that grants authenticity and content. The information available in this web site must be treated as a guide and not as legal validity.


The OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right to deny or remove the access to the portal and/or other services offered with no need of previous notice, to owns’ instance or others’, to those users that do not comply to the legal warning.


The OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the right to update as needed this legal warning, therefore you might want to re-check it every time you visit the Web.

The validity of the cited conditions will be in function of the expositions and are valid until they are changed for others and are properly published.


The relation between the OWNER OF THE WEB and the user will be governed by the Spain normative and any controversy will be taken to the courts and trials closest to CASARRUBIOS DEL MONTE.