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Manufacturing of machines


Our machines are designed for the extraction and refining of fruit and vegetable juices such as tomato.  Work principle is based on a rotor composed of a series of blades that through its motion pushes the product towards a conic screen that discriminates the juice from skin and seeds.  The level of screening will be based on larger or smaller diameter holes in the screen.


 Optimal extraction of juices

 Different capacities: 30 and 50 Tn/h

 Very low moisture in pomace

 Level of pressure can be regulated by adjusting the proximity of the blades to the screen during the operation of the machine

 Capability to clean the screen during production

 Rapid system to change the screen; it is not necessary to extract the rotor

 Drive with variable velocity (optional)

 Machine in compliance with EC regulation

Available models

Pulper/Finisher PX300

Pulper/Finisher PX500

Turbopress PX300T

Turbopress PX500T

Unloading Machine MX200

Our unloading machine system is a machine that improves the operative performance of installations and optimizes the unloading process.

Thanks to minimal product losses and to its autonomy, our emptying system has very reduced Return On Investment.  The main characteristics are:

 Optimization of unloading process

 Reduction of product loses

 Adjustable unloading capacity of up to 20 pallets per hour

The machine has been designed to offer a versatile solution that improves the unloading efficiency.  Our objective is to elaborate a modular machine that adapts to the specific needs of each client.  The basic configuration of the machine is for the unloading of large containers (such as Goodpacks) in a fast and reliable way.  In order to add additional functionality to the machine, the following optional modules are available:

 Washing tunnel Module

 Automatic loading Module

 Unloading of bins Module

Automatic Feeding System for Drums

Our automated system that feeds drums has been conceived to improve the feeding system in the filler area of plants.  The design of the system is completely modular and may be configured to adapt to the needs of each client.  Modules include:

Drum Depalletizer DSP300A | Efficient and automatic depalletizer of drums
Drum Palletizer PLT400A | Automatic palletizer of drums
Pallet Dispenser DIS500A | Supply of empty pallets to the work area
Transportation kart CTR600A | Automatic transportation of pallets with drums to plant fillers

Main advantages for the implementation of this system:

  • Optimization of human and material resources
  • Savings in production costs
  • Improvement in the efficiency of the process
  • Reduction of the space destined for this task
  • Increase the physical security

Drum Depalletizer DSP300A

Drum Palletizer PLT400A

Pallet Dispenser DIS500A

Transportation kart CTR600A